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Discover Nia and 5 Stages Therapy

Self Healing Through Nia

Sole To Soul has grown out of its founder's love of Nia. Nia transformed the life of Teresa Myers six years ago after her exhaustive search to find a form of exercise she could do following an extensive surgery she had for a rare form of muscle cancer in her back and rib cage. You name the exercise, Teresa tried it. From simply trying to walk around the block, to treadmills, elliptical machines, exercise balls and bands, Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, physical therapy, stair masters, step aerobics, low impact aerobics, water aerobics, resistance training and working with a personal trainer. Many she couldn't do because she didn't have the strength and many she couldn't handle because they hurt too much. "I read about Nia in a company newsletter and decided to give it a try. The music was great, the movements were easy to follow and I was able to make it through the class. But what really sold me was when I woke up the next morning and I wasn't sore at all!!! I've been hooked ever since."

Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music in more than 48 countries. (Information taken from nianow website)

We say Nia is like chocolate. You can't describe it you have to taste it. I invite all who are looking for a way to transform their mind, body and spirit to come and try Nia. Let the music and movements of Nia sooth your soul.

Self Healing Through 5 Stages

5 Stages are the five movements that everybody goes through in the process of being able to stand up and walk. These movements are natural to the body. They are organic and when they are put together, they create a process for developmentally structuring the body to be dynamically upright and move. They also have the capacity to develop you mentally,emotionally and spiritually. These five movements help to realign the body. No matter how many times you do them,you will feel a change. They re-establish a balance between the right and left sides of the body as well as the right and left sides of the brain. They have a way to align the emotional body with the physical body- meaning that if you feel agitated, distressed, angry or upset, you can do the 5 Stages to feel a little bit of calm. The reason that happens is that when you allow your body to move in your own way and in your own time, the physical moves organize the physical matter energy with the energy fields outside the body.

For further information about Nia and 5 Stages visit: or

The Sixteen Benefits of Nia From the Nia Technique Book

  • It increases the pleasure of living in your body
  • It creates weight loss
  • It strengthens muscles, improves muscle tone
  • It calms the mind and relieves stress
  • It improves endurance
  • It increases grace and flexibility
  • It balances the autonomic nervous system
  • It improves posture and can even increase height
  • It improves organ function
  • It enhances sensory awareness
  • It heightens sexual functions
  • It builds reservoirs of chi
  • It alleviates emotion problems
  • It improves circulation of blood
  • It strengthens immunity
  • It improves concentration and cognitive function
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